Our Work

Company Projects

• Protection for Minister of Health 2004
• Protection of Work Sites (ZAIN) 2005-2007
• Communications Work Site Protection in 10 Sites
• Protection for Basrah Merchants
• Ministry of Electricity Protection of High Tension Electrical Towers 2007
• Contract with OAM for PSD Protection
• Protection of Foreign Tourist 2009
• OAM Contract for PSD Protection 2008
• Foreigners and Arab Tourism for PSD Protection 2008-2013
• Static Site Security for STX Heavy Industries Korea
• PSD and SET Teams for Government Contracts
• PSD Protection for Business Development Partners
• Contract with CHF for PSD Protection


Secure Line Management has a standard template for all Project Planning Activities. Secure Line uses tested systems and information to plan all projects. Our work is done like a franchise, all standards, procedures and governance is done at one site, the same as all the others.​


Secure Line conducts all the trainings by themselves. Personnel coming from armed forces all over the world, incorporate only the best training methods into preparing personnel for specific contracts. Our training is done with pre-planned lesson plans at hand. Safety and Health play an important role during all our training.