What We Do

Our specialized security services focus on our clients' most critical issues and needs. ​ We work on strategy, our High and Low Profile PSD and Static Security Services include all aspects of equipping, pre-planning, execution and debriefing. We incorporate these systems with proper management and frequent re-engineering strategies in order to overcome and minimize the current threat. We only employ personnel accustomed to working in austere environment. We support our operations with well prepared and tested Standing Operational Procedures and Standing Working Orders. Our systems include such elements as proper Intelligence Technology, Current Threat updates, Most Modern and tested Tracking Systems and Management Information Systems as to manage and control operations more effectively. At Secure Line, we take pride in supplying the client with the most updated specialized security applications.

K9 Services

We offer K-9 Services where experience, expertise, team of trained professional instructors, handlers and supervisors come together to provide the efficient K9 services ( Detection, tracking and rescue). Conducting the security inspections with high quality and cost effective services. Secure Line company provides Explosive and Suspected Materials Detection Dog Teams (ESMDDTs) trained to detect a wide range of explosives, Suspected materials, Narcotics, contraband, and human remains. Secure Line (ESMDDT’s) are trained to exacting standards based on known international K9 detection standards. Secure Line (ESMDDT’s) have proven highly effective in the prevention and discovery of a wide range of security systems breechings. Our (ESMDDT’s) are trained to perform the following operational tasks:
• Entry Control Points searches
• Building and Event’s Areas Sweeps
• Open Area/Road Sweeps
• Vehicle, Aircraft and Transportation Means sweeps
• Former Battlefield Clearance
• Package and Material Search
• Airport Sweeps
• Car Parks, Transportation Stations and public Areas Sweeps

Physical Security

Effective security starts with a good design. We will provide advice on the layout of premises to design possible security risks and assist in specifying effective security equipment and measures by trained personnel. While the focus is exclusive superior client service, confidentiality, enthusiasm, integrity and attention to detail, clients also seek the additional element of safety and security.

Security in High Threat Environment, Secure Line is a long term security provider in hostile environments to government, non- and commercial clients. Secure Line is able to tailor security services to enable client program needs with best in industry standards. Secure Line’s security solution designs fully comply with Iraqi and international laws.

Access Control

One of the simplest ways to protect your business is to control movement into and out of your premises. We can advise you about many access control systems that range from basic sign in or turnstile facilities to sophisticated multi-level authorization card or lock systems. These can track and restrict access for different categories of personnel at key points around your premises.

Event Security

Secure Line is a leader in the provision of integrated event security solutions to Logistics, Leisure and the Government sector. Delivering the following services to a broad client base:
• Security Management Planning
• Emergency Management, Co-ordination & Response
• Crowd Management including emergency services and co-ordination
• Event Venue and Asset Protection
• Medical Services
• Fire and Rescue Services


We design CCTV systems to suit all requirements and budgets. Whether your business needs a simple one camera solution or a complex multi camera system using high clarity technical monitoring and recording equipment, Secure Line can design a CCTV system to suit your need and your budget.
• CCTV is widely recognized as one of the most effective means of both deterring and detecting crime. Secure Line offers affordable CCTV Monitoring for business premises as well as the home environment.
• At Secure Line we believe in specifying and installing the best CCTV equipment available, at the best possible price for each client. We feel that this is critical in giving our client's the most long term cost effective security solutions. We refuse to compromise our standards and our client's interests by using inappropriate or inferior equipment.
• CCTV security system can be remotely monitored through broadband connection.
• Whatever your requirements, no matter how big or small, we are able to provide a solution for you no matter what the budget is.

Secure Mobile Security Services

Mobile security and secure journey management services. Mobile Security – which includes Journey Management and Secure Transportation Services – is a key area of our expertise. Our highly trained security personnel escort clients in high-risk areas in a fleet of high-quality B6 Armored and soft skin vehicles equipped with radio and satellite communications systems, which enable our operations centers to track our clients’ movements in real time.

In the event of an emergency, all our client movements ensure a vehicle cross-over capability and Quick Reaction Force (QRF) support from our operations hubs. We are able to deploy different vehicle profiles as dictated by the latest threat, intelligence picture and specific requirements of our clients, the task and the operating environment.

VIP/ Executive protection

Our Close Protection teams provide security services for diplomats and commercial clients in high-risk and complex environments. We have been providing VIP or Executive Protection and Close Protection to clients throughout Iraq. Our specialized, low profile teams comprise highly trained former military and police trained professionals skilled in protecting diplomats, commercial clients and development staff who operate in high-threat or complex environments that are at risk of physical attack or be a potential hostage target. Our teams are customized to each client’s individual requirements with consideration given to the operating environment, very latest threat state and security profile.

Risk Management

Secure Line Company provides in-depth and timely consulting and risk management solutions including audits, assessments investigations and due diligence services enabling clients to diminish risks and increase business resilience and continuity. Secure Line provides commercial organizations, government bodies and development organizations with a wide range of fully integrated consultative and physical support services.

This includes both operational and enterprise risk management. These services also comprise a range of physical risk based provisions including emergency, safety and security support.

Risk & Threat Assessment

An effective security plan starts with understanding the level of risk your organization faces .Safe guarding your organization is only possible once you fully understand the types and levels of risk your business is facing. Our corporate risk assessment will identify all your security issues. All organizations face some degree of security risk. The failure to recognize and manage these risks could seriously jeopardize even the most successful business, leaving it vulnerable to costly interruption of operations or even more serious hazards. Our risk & threat assessment can:
• Evaluate any part of your business, or your entire organization.
• Analyze potential risks for new sites or expansions
• Identify any weaknesses in your current security systems and procedures
• Provide a detailed set of practical recommendations

Security Audit

Our risk assessment, analysis and audit process offers our clients the opportunity to measure their separate and combined risks against the potential impact to operations and infrastructure. The results can be used to provide clients with the processes they need to treat and mitigate prevailing risks in order to improve decision making, business performance, responsiveness, safety and quality. Furthermore our Audits have proven operational cost-effectiveness. As an example; by mitigating operational risks, insurance premiums can be renegotiated and potentially lowered. Our Audit solutions have proven to produce reduced Lost Time Incidents; and also speed up business recoverability from incidents and events Emergency and Crisis Management Support Our Business Impact Analysis allows Secure Line to identify and prioritize the potential risks that your organization is exposed to. From this a tailored crisis management plan is developed, providing you with a complete overview of the necessary procedures to plan for a major incident occurs and treat prevailing risks. Secure Line regularly works in conjunction with our clients’ Crisis Management Team (CMT) before, during and after an incident or event to offer on-site assistance and advice in order to minimize risk of loss from unexpected events and hasten the restoration to normal business operations.

Tracking and Travel Security

Provides details of where a corporation's travelers are at any time automatically sends security alerts to employees whose travel is affected by an incident Provides pre-travel security briefings on all aspects of an employee's destination

Investigation & Surveillance

Secure Line can provide private investigators, for public, commercial and corporate clients. In addition, Secure Line can also provide private investigators for cases which potentially could result in criminal/civil proceedings. Whatever your circumstances, Secure Line will provide you with discreet, professional, efficient and confidential service. We are flexible and competitively priced to suit all requirements and budgets. No matter how big or small the job is Secure Line guarantees a high level of diligence in its approach to all work, in order to achieve a result for the client. Surveillance and observations are well used tools in the security industry for evidence/intelligence gathering and prevention/detection of crime and offenders. Surveillance can keep your business one step in front of your competitors and can also maintain a close eye on your workforce and sub-contractors.


You need employees who perform at all times, focused on the tasks at hand, unsure about their abilities and anxiety about their personal safety can impact on their performance. Additional training is available for the client and their employees. All trainers have international experience in delivering courses but most importantly, experience of on the-ground operations, which allows them to deliver relevant content and realistic scenario-based knowledge.
Secure Line offers training to cover your needs and those of your workforce. Employers are responsible for ensuring that their employees are fully prepared for all eventualities, individually and as a team, and that they are equipped with the right tools and know how.